Press release 2
Press release 2

Press release 2

Created on 12/10/2020
Prishtina, 23.03.2020 Dear Citizens! Dear institutions and legal entities,

Following the management efforts of the well-known Korona virus Pandemic COVID-19!

With the activation of the National Response Plan PRK by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Public Administration MPBAP, consequently with the staffing of the Operational Center of QO MPBAP and the activation of the Inter-Institutional Group for GNMI Incident Management, the Emergency Management Agency is headed by AME staff active and integrated from the beginning in the processes for coordinating government efforts in the situation created by COVID-19.

Related to this, the System of Emergency Operational Centers QOE 112 of AME throughout the territory of the Republic of Kosovo is in full readiness 24/7 in addressing fully and correctly the requests and needs of Institutions and other Local Mechanisms for QO AME and QO MPBAP.

Emergency Management Agency AME at the service of citizens with all the potential 24/7.

Recommendations with instructions from the Kosovo Institute of Public Health NIPHK and the Ministry of Health MoH are the only viable way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 Corona Virus, as such they are mandatory for all citizens, institutions and organizations in the country.

Maintaining health and life in a pandemic situation is the least we can contribute individually, while response services, doctors, nurses, soldiers, police, fire and rescue units, municipal services, and other local and central institutions responsible for the situation, are in a situation to make the next sacrifice, risking their lives to save our lives and the lives of our relatives.

Let us help them a little, to help us all with them!

Together we will overcome this challenge.

With respect,

Emergency Management Agency