Prevention Department


The mission of the Prevention Department is to develop and manage a range of programs designed to reduce losses in homes, businesses, schools, public buildings, and critical services from floods, earthquakes, thunderstorms, fires, and other natural disasters.

Prevention as the first phase of the emergency management cycle focuses on disrupting the disaster damage cycle, their redevelopment, and recurring damages.

Risk prevention or mitigation is in principle a continuous action, which is undertaken to reduce or eliminate the permanent risk to people and their property.

The Prevention Department partners include a wide range of government bodies at all levels and in the private sector. Also involved are professional associations and non-governmental groups involved in public policy, administration, insurance, higher education, construction science, and urban planning.

For its functioning, the Prevention Department is organized in two divisions:

Risk Assessment Division

Identify, provide, analyze and evaluate data on potential hazards endangering life, property, and the environment in general. Permanent provision of data on the occurrence of risks, disasters, and possible crises at the national level.

Risk Reduction Division

The Risk Reduction Division, through the use of land use control tools, construction practices, and other means of time, will work to reduce the risk to the lives of Kosovo citizens and their property and will conduct research and investigations of causes of fire through the development and application of investigative technology for the detection, prevention, rescue and localization of fires.

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