About 112

The mission of the Agency is to support citizens and first responders to ensure that we work as a body, in order to develop, maintain and advance our capacity to prepare, protect, respond, and recover from all potential hazards, be they those natural or caused by the human factor.

AME will:

  • advise on norms of construction and management of urban and non-urban spaces
  • teach people how to cope with disasters
  • assist in setting up and equipping local and central emergency preparedness
  • coordinate disaster response
  • make assistance available to municipalities, communities, businesses and individuals in case of disasters
  • train emergency managers
  • support the fire service and
  • manage the entire disaster duration cycle.

Note: Disaster duration cycle means the process by which emergency managers prepare for emergencies and disasters, respond to them when they occur, help people and institutions recover quickly from them, mitigate their harmful effects, reduce the risk of loss and prevent occurrence of future disasters.

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