112 centers

What is 112?

The 112 number is a unique emergency number, tall-free in the Republic of Kosovo, used since 2002. The 112 number can be obtained from fixed and mobile telephony for any emergency need, such as: emergency medical assistance, assistance in extinguishing of fires and rescue of vulnerable persons, and diverse services of the Kosovo Police.

Upon receiving the 112, you will be answered by a trained operator for receiving emergency calls, who depending on your emergency will take the necessary steps for you to receive it as soon as possible. At the same time, the operator in question will instruct the services that help you to reach the scene as quickly as possible.

If you take 112 for a joke, you will initially load the lines unnecessarily and you will take the right to those in need to get the help needed which is very vital to them. In addition, such calls are treated as a criminal offense and can be prosecuted.


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