Vision / Mission

Mission statement

Provide law enforcement in Kosovo in a professional, effective and efficient manner.
Strategic objectives
- Protect life and property
Maintain public order and tranquility
Prevent and detect crime
Protect human rights and freedoms
Treat equally all citizens regardless of race, color, religion, gender, and age.


Provide Kosovo with a competent police service in all aspects of its strategic priorities, trusted by the people of Kosovo and proud of its performance.

Professional integrity

Please contact the Kosovo Police:

On 112 (landline and mobile telephony) toll-free

By landline: 038 550 999 or 92

From mobile: 192, 922

All calls to 080019999 are anonymous, toll-free, and confidential.

You can also send your information to info@kosovopolice.com

Web: http://www.kosovopolice.com

Together for a more secure Kosovo.



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