Finance and General Services Department


The mission of the Finance and General Services Department is to manage and maintain information on the human resources of EMA, assist management in internal organization, provide administrative, logistical, medical, and information technology services support.

Coordinates the preparation, implementation, reporting, and evaluation of the EMA budget, coordinates the timely implementation of EMA financial obligations.

Maintains IT equipment and provides IT services.

Manages EMA archive system and internal documents and provides logistics services for EMA. 

Human Resources, IT and Logistics Services Division

Coordinates the planning of human resources, ensures the implementation of procedures for the selection and employment of qualified personnel, in accordance with applicable law, ensures the implementation of procedures for recruitment and selection, discipline, handling of complaints, leave requests, job evaluation.

Provides support in the field of information technology.

Manages inventory, storehouse, transport needs, vehicles and maintains and administers the EMA archive system. 

Budget and Finance Division 

Prepares and coordinates budgetary matters for all administrative structures of the EMA, ensures that financial expenditures are made in accordance with budget rules and procedures and manages cash reserves, and ensures that internal financial control is based on the principles of accountability.

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