Emergency Preparedness Department


The mission of the Emergency Preparedness Department is to unify the missions of the Ministry in the field of preparedness, prevention, response, and recovery. Oversee the coordination and development of capacities and tools necessary to prepare for dealing with natural and other disasters. Implement strategies, policies, and planning guidelines for nationwide prevention, protection, response, and recovery capacity building.

Its divisions are:

Analysis and Emergency Planning Division

Deals with leading specific initiatives, directing planning policy efforts for preparedness, and analyzing the results of such policies and programs, within the scope of the Department's mission, in order to strengthen the country's readiness.

Readiness Coordination Division

The primary mission of this division is to build and implement a program of national preparedness for all types of risks, a program intended to strengthen the capacity of central, regional and local level agencies and the private sector in the field of prevention, protection, response and recovery from natural and man-made disasters. It accomplishes this through regional coordinators, who take care of the extension of central level programs for technical assistance, planning for preparedness, assessment of capacities and needs, as well as reporting on issues related to readiness.

Integrated Training Center

Develops, manages, and coordinates all training, education, and exercise programs in the field of emergency management and public safety to ensure that the country is prepared to prevent, protect, and respond to all-natural or man-made hazards.

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