Firefighting and Rescue Department


The mission of the Firefighting and Rescue Department is to take care of creating a solid foundation in the field of prevention, preparedness, and response by providing central guidance and coordination of firefighting and rescue services of all levels and structures. 


1. Overseeing, coordinating, directing, and setting standards for these efforts; serving as a community for fire protection, firefighting, rescue, and emergency response; as well as acting as a central level advocate for the challenges faced by the public, private and voluntary firefighting community.

2. Development and dissemination of educational programs in the field of fire prevention and protection in partnership with other agencies, the emergency response community, media, and interest groups in this field.

3. Support the professional development, operational capacity, and preparedness training for the fire/rescue and emergency response community of central, regional, local, and private sector structures.

4. Supporting regional and local entities in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating special data and reports related to the occurrence, control, and consequences of any fire, health incidents, and other emergency activities.

5. Use and support of the development of fire prevention, protection, and localization technology; as well as supporting resource management studies and operations in the field of firefighting and rescue.

The Division of Firefighting and Rescue Plans, Programs, and Standards

To determine a solid basis of standards and programs for the organization and development of firefighting and rescue scope, as well as standards for equipment and vehicles of this service in order to increase response preparedness.

Fire Data Processing and Public Fire Hazard Awareness Division

To create the necessary basis for the collection, processing, selection, and analysis of data on fires as well as case analysis, in order to increase the efficiency of work and the results of the firefighting service and rescue service.

Raising the level of public awareness and education in the field of firefighting and rescue and achieving the most modern standards in this area, establishing a sustainable partnership with the public and private sector with a special focus on vulnerable groups.

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