Firefighters - are persons professionally trained and certified to participate in firefighting activities and rescue of people and property.

The nature of the work of firefighters is generally based on some basic principles such as: Permanent responsibility, professionalism, constant readiness, humanism, safety, speed, creativity, objectivity, and voluntary discipline.

Firefighters work and carry out their activity with duty shifts with a high level of readiness and work in shifts 24 h/7 days a week.

The work of firefighters is distinguished by the action with the impact of risk to life during firefighting and rescue actions, in special working conditions: work at height, work at depth, work on water, search and rescue of endangered persons, work under the influence of high temperatures, low temperatures, work in areas at risk of structural collapse, work in areas contaminated with hazardous materials.

The main functions performed by firefighters after graduation are mainly related to workplace preparation and planning, operation of personal and shared firefighting equipment in order to extinguish fires and rescue people and property, receiving and disseminating information, the initial response to the incident, communication at the scene, maintenance of firefighting equipment, facility, and equipment, etc.

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