Operations Department


The mission of the Operations Department is to provide the core of coordinated operational and logistical response capacity, necessary to protect and save lives, reduce suffering and protect property, always in a timely and effective manner, in communities that are overwhelmed from natural disasters, acts of terrorism or other emergencies.

Division for Coordination of Response and Recovery Operations

Response program activities include the coordination of all emergency management response operations, response planning, logistics programs, and the integration of central, regional, and local disaster response programs. This coordination ensures the efficient and effective delivery of immediate emergency assistance to individuals and communities affected and overwhelmed by disasters, emergencies, or acts of terrorism.

Managing short-term recovery and providing emergency first aid assistance efficiently and timely to local governments and communities affected by natural and other disasters. 

Operations Centers Division   

Serves as the main center of EMA for the exchange of information, coordination of emergencies, and the establishment of coordination at the highest possible level with central, regional, local, and private sector partners. To collect and process information from the regional network to help detect, contain and prevent natural and other disasters.

Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, the EOC will provide a realistic picture of the situation, monitor the situation, coordinate emergencies and response activities and in close liaison with EMA decision-makers, recommends specific safeguards in the face of threats and dangers that threaten the country. 

Structure of the Agency Operations Center

Completion and activation of the functions or elements of the Center will depend on the type, extent, and duration of the emergency or disaster.


Is responsible for action policies and overall coordination of; public information; liaison with various agencies/institutions; risk management procedures through the joint effort of central, local, and private sector agencies.


Responsible for coordinating the entire operational authority in support of emergency response through the implementation of Operational Plans of the relevant authorities.


Responsible for collecting, evaluating, and disseminating information; drafting Action Plans in coordination with other functions; maintenance of all documents of the Center.

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