Appeal to the citizens of Kosovo for vigilance against arson

Appeal to the citizens of Kosovo for vigilance against arson

Created on 12/10/2020
Prishtina, 14.06.2019

The Emergency Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs requires all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo to be active in preventing any type of fire and arsonists.

We have already entered the summer season which is supposed to be characterized by high air temperatures, which affect the increased risk of occurrence and rapid expansion of fires in open areas, mountains and plains.

In order to avoid the risk of fire, to protect the lives of citizens, property, animals and the environment, we appeal to all of us to be careful and vigilant to avoid all possible causes of fire, timely warning and notification, and to help put out fires.

In any case, citizens are asked to call the Emergency Operations Center, through the unique (integrated) emergency number - 112. (you can call and receive this emergency number - 112, without a prefix, from any place or position in the Republic of Kosovo) .

You can also call these numbers:

• Professional Firefighting and Rescue Unit at 193;

• Kosovo Police, telephone number 192;

• Ambulance, telephone number 194.

All calls are free

Intentional arson, as well as those caused by negligence, are a criminal offense and are sanctioned by law.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.