Created on 07/18/2023

The Emergency Management Agency/Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on all citizens to active participation in preventing wildfires in forests and other areas, both public and private, through this announcement.


Dear citizens, as we have entered the summer season, which is expected to be characterized by high air temperatures contributing to an increased risk of rapid fire outbreaks in open, mountainous and field areas, with the purpose of avoiding the fire risk, protecting the lives of citizens, property, animals, and the environment,

WE HEREBY APPEAL to everyone to be cautious and vigilant in order to avoid all possible fire causes, observe and report promptly to emergency numbers, as well as assist in extinguishing the fire wherever it may occur and pose a threat, as such action is not only a moral obligation but also mandated by the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and other legal acts and bylaws.

It is worth emphasizing and informing you that deliberate fires, as well as those caused by negligence, are criminal offences punishable by law.

In case you encounter any suspicious fire risks, the emergency numbers to which you should address and report, as well as seek assistance free of charge 24/7, are 112 Emergency Operations Center from VALA and IPKO (free of charge), 193 Firefighters, 192 Police, and 194 Emergency Medical Service.

Early warning - Early action saves lives and the shared environment for everyone.

We are looking forward to mutual cooperation.