Created on 01/17/2023

MIA Emergency Management Agency

Prishtina 16 January 2023

Based on the warning of the Hydrometeorological Institute of Kosovo (hereinafter HMIK), for the purpose of management preparedness of Protection, Rescue and Relief Structures and institutions (hereinafter PRRS), the Emergency Management Agency calls for increased readiness at country level for the following institutions:

1. EOC 112- Emergency Operational Centres 112,

2. Professional Firefighting and Rescue Units (FRU) and Protection, Rescue and Relief Structures (PRRS),

3. Municipal Rescue and Relief Directorates

4. And relevant subjective capacities at local and central level.

The warning for the specific situation is based on the HMIK’s forecast that “from this afternoon (Monday, 16/01/2023) and during the next day and the day after tomorrow (Tuesday, Wednesday, 17-18/01/2023), rainfall of medium to high intensity is expected, which will be more concentrated in the western and northern part of the country, but during the next day they will include the whole country.

In Dukagjin (Gjakova, Junik, Deçan, Peja, Istog, Prizren, Klina, Zubin Potok etc.), there may be rapid flooding of rivers, initially small ones with the character of streams that descend from the highest mountain ranges, having the potential for collapse or landslides.

In urban areas, in these municipalities, problems with localized flooding may appear, depending on the condition of drainage systems, maintenance and cleaning of river beds and sewers. This situation is expected to influence the rise in the levels and flows of the main rivers, especially the Drini i Bardhë river system, specifically its right branches, the Ibër river, etc.”

Detailed information related to the warning from HMIK Hydrometeorological Institute of Kosovo can be found attached to this warning, while updates on the situation in the following days can be found in the link attached below in this notice.