Emergency Management Agency APPEALS
Emergency Management Agency APPEALS

Emergency Management Agency APPEALS

Created on 08/13/2022

Pristina, Dt. 13.08.2022

Based on the recommendations of the early warning from the Hydro meteorological Institute of Kosovo KHMI, and in order to avoid the risk of floods, as a result of the atmospheric rains during these days, there may be rapid floods and flooding of certain areas in Kosovo.

With primary official duty, the protection of citizens' lives, material goods, the environment, and cultural heritage, we warn and guide!

Let's all be careful to avoid all possible risks and raise vigilance, therefore also make the necessary preparations in all local structures, and emergency response services as well as mobilize the human and technical capacities of the Municipal Directorates for Protection and Rescue and those relevant in Kosovo, based on the assessment of risks from Natural Disasters and Other Disasters - NDOD, and in particular from floods (floods), in order to implement emergency operational plans in cases of floods .

The EMA Emergency Management Agency on this occasion recommends the necessary and necessary measures for the relevant municipal structures for Protection, Rescue, and Assistance, for:

- Identification (picketing), evidence, assessment of potential flood risk areas as well as reporting to the EMA Emergency Management Agency;

- The establishment of continuous supervision of the level of rivers, reservoirs, and other water collectors in rural areas,

- It is recommended that the local government intervene with the cleaning of river beds, brooks, and water collectors in the narrow mouths - brooks, where there may be danger from wild dumps (inert matter and waste in or near the river beds), as well as vegetation around or near them, such as (willows, woody masses), etc.

- Maintenance of storm water discharge channels;

- Regulation of embankments and drainage channels of rivers and streams;

- Checking the stability of the bridges and reviewing the improvised bridges, which are supposed not to meet the primary stability conditions in case of rain wave, but can be a potential obstacle to the normal flow of water in the river bed.

We remind you that the protection and preservation of material goods, the environment, and cultural heritage as well as the response to risks and threats is a legal, institutional and civic obligation for each member of the society of the state of Kosovo!

Citizens of RKS are recommended to avoid their presence near high-risk areas near the flow of rivers, streams, and roads that may have flash floods and floods and, according to the assessment by the authorities, to cooperate with emergency structures and services.