Situation in fire management in Kosovo
Situation in fire management in Kosovo

Situation in fire management in Kosovo

Created on 07/28/2022

From the reports of the emergency communication system - EOC (Emergency Operational Centres) 112 (unique emergency number) arrived at the Agency's Operational Centre in the last few days, the situation on the field appears to be manageable by the operational structures for fire extinguishing and rescue in all municipalities of Kosovo.

The number of fires in the entire territory of the country is currently at a low level, while there is no serious threat for the development of the situation in a bad direction. All this is thanks to the favourable weather conditions, as well as the preparedness raised at the country level.

From this perspective, the Emergency Management Agency (EMA), in addition to the Appeal for increasing vigilance in the prevention of fire outbreaks, with a request addressed to all Municipalities and Professional Fire fighting and Rescue Units - PFRU, with the aim of raising the level of preparedness and reaction. As a result, the actions in the field are also visible from the aspect of prevention and readiness to deal with the initial phase of fire risks.

Until 26.07.2022 for the previous reporting period, the situation is as follows:

In Mitrovica region, In the period from 22-26.07.2022 there have been a total of 13 field fires which were managed by the fire fighting and rescue unit, at the moment there are no active fires. Other regions such as: Prishtina, Prizren, Gjilan, have no active fires, while in Peja Region there were 11 field fires which were managed by fire fighting and rescue units, for the reporting date there are no active fires.

The Emergency Management Agency appeals to all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo for increased caution in periods of rising temperatures, to avoid starting fires (without strict control), and to report fires as soon as possible to the unique emergency number - 112 free of charge.