EMA marks the European 112 emergency number day
EMA marks the European 112 emergency number day

EMA marks the European 112 emergency number day

Created on 02/11/2022

The European 112 emergency number day is a day celebrated every year on 11 February. This day was introduced by the European Union and aims at promoting the existence and proper use of the 112 emergency number throughout Europe.

The European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission signed a tripartite Convention in 2009 declaring February 11 to be 112 emergency number day.

The reason this date was chosen is because the date includes the phone number (11/2).

As in any European country, Kosovo marks, through the Emergency Management Agency (EMA), this 112 emergency number day.

It was 2001 when Kosovo for the first time started, through a pilot project, the implementation of the unique European 112 emergency number in Prizren Region, later extending to the entire Kosovo territory.

This is a toll free phone number operates operating 24/7 and serving all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo to provide assistance in cases of various emergencies, of any nature.

EMA thanks on this marked day all citizens for their cooperation and the information they provide in case of emergencies through the number 112.

The Agency also thanks all the respondents such as Firefighting and Rescue Units, Police, Emergency Medical Services, etc., and in particular all EMA operators who handle these 24/7 calls.