Situation Report

Situation Report

Created on 08/08/2021

19 July 2021

Weather forecast data from the Hydrometeorological Institute of Kosovo (HMIK) indicate that the extreme weather situation experienced in the recent days is likely to continue with similar conditions for at least the next three days.

Furthermore, HMIK does not forecast any amount of rainfall which may contribute to a rise in river levels, therefore Kosovo river levels shall continue to remain within acceptable levels without any flood risks.

In light of the weather situation and forecasts for the following period, as of 16 July 2021, the Emergency Management Agency has decided to increase its preparedness level throughout the country.

The actions to be taken in response to heavy rainfall and bad weather situations shall include the following:

• The following response units and equipment placed on standby as of 16 July until weather conditions improve:

          - High-Capacity Pumping team, HCP

          - Flood Barriers and Critical Infrastructure Protection Team, FC

          - Surface Water Search and Rescue Team - FRB.

• Alerts to be issued to all Municipal Directorates for Protection and Rescue throughout Kosovo via the Emergency Communication and Coordination System - Emergency Operational Centers (EOCs) 112 throughout the territory of the country, and keeping in permanent and active communication with other central and local entities and institutions for Early Warning, Alerts and Alarms in cases as provided by applicable legislation and rules.

• Daily updates and communication with the Hydrometeorological Institute of Kosovo (HMIK), all notifications and alerts received to be forwarded to the communication systems, and publish announcements on the website to keep the wider public and institutions up to date.

• Updates and regular situation reports to the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, and also coordinate the preparedness of relevant institutions to provide support and assistance in affected areas,

• Give guidance to the public on the measures recommended by HMIK, accompanied with weather forecast information for the following days, and instruct them to visit the website of the institution responsible for weather monitoring.

The Emergency Management Agency always stands by the side of citizens at risk, monitoring developments on a 24/7 basis, taking measures and rendering all its capacities available in response to priorities and preliminary assessments.

With its capacities of Emergency Operation Centers 112, the Emergency Communication System is always ready to help, guide and assist the citizens or visitors in an emergency situation.

EMA can be contacted through the uniform European emergency number 112, which is a free-of-charge helpline accessible throughout the country from all mobile and fixed telephony communication devices.

EMA coordinates emergency support to citizens, by providing assistance and rescue services with first line responders, and directs calls to toll-free numbers of responding institutions, such as:

   • 192 - Kosovo Police,

   • 193 - Kosovo Fire and Rescue Service

   • 194 - Emergency Medical Services

EMA regularly monitors the situation and adjusts its preparedness levels according to available capacities at local and central levels in order to ensure constant and responsible management of any cases and any degree of any emergency.

Guidelines for citizens in danger are accessible at the EMA website, while for specific risks, please click the HMIK link below.

All competent and professional emergency disaster response capacities stand ready to provide assistance to every single citizen in the country. However, there is no capacity or resources that may succeed in exercising our sacred mission without the assistance and support of each of our fellow citizens. Therefore, please exercise caution for your own lives and those of your loved ones, protect your precious properties and the environment.

Together, we can overcome any situation.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the staff of EMA, Fire and Rescue Units, Kosovo Police, Emergency Medical Service Units, Kosovo Security Force and KFOR for their tireless work and unwavering sacrifice, selflessly putting themselves on the line to save lives, material assets of the country and the living environment in emergency situations.

EMA is here to serve 24/7