The Emergency Management Agency continues its commitment to managing the situation created by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Emergency Management Agency continues its commitment to managing the situation created by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Created on 12/11/2020
Prishtina, 21.04.2020

The staff of the Emergency Management Agency AME-MPBAP continues the permanent engagement 24/7 at two levels and through the mechanism under the direct leadership of QOE 112 for the management of the situation created by the Pandemic with COVID-19.

Following the activation of the PRK National Response Plan by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Public Administration-MPBAP, AME staff, in addition to managing the Operational Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Administration QO-MPBAP, has taken the initiative and provided support for Municipal level, with the creation of essential staff consisting of members of key institutions in managing the situation as staff: AME, KSF and KP in support of the Municipal level for activation and coordination procedures by Local Operational Centers, completion of Essential staff from the relevant Municipal Director and other institutions within the municipality, as well as their duties and responsibilities in the process of coordination and management of the Pandemic at the relevant levels.

Consequently, the teams created by the security institutions have visited and instructed the Municipalities - Committees for Protection and Rescue in the Municipalities, completing and instructing with the necessary forms and procedures in the most efficient and coordinated management to achieve the goal which is to reducing suffering and loss of life within the municipalities and administrative areas which are administered by them.

The Emergency Management Agency, also in addition to the leadership, continues to support QO-MPBAP with 24/7 functionality, meeting the necessary staff which supports the needs of the Ministry of Health and manages all central and local capacities to overcome the situation with COVID-19 , coordinates and facilitates the support of the medical capacity and branches of the National Institute of Public Health at central and local level.

We remain committed to the final overcoming of the Pandemic situation, as well as preparing for the start of the comprehensive recovery phase, which will begin after the situation is over.