Emergency Management Agency AME-MPBAP in support of the Ministry of Health in the management of COVID-19

Emergency Management Agency AME-MPBAP in support of the Ministry of Health in the management of COVID-19

Created on 12/11/2020
Prishtina, 16.03.2020

Based on the Mission and the legal mandate AME from the first days of declaring the global threat, is active in supporting citizens and responders to the risk situation from COVID-19.

The actions taken are aimed at, Protection from the prevention phase with measures and preventive actions through raising awareness on the risk, Responding by participating in the Government Inter-Ministerial Committee by contributing recommendations and guidelines, and preparing the recovery phase, respectively, identifying post-emergency needs. and recovery strategy.

In support of the Ministry of Health to successfully manage COVID-19AME is taking measures and actions, such as:

With the representation in the Committee for Coordination and Evaluation of the situation with COVID-19 in the Operational center of the Ministry of Health and,

With Representation in the Infectious Diseases Monitoring Committee at the National Institute of Public Health NIPHK;

Other AME support activities for the Ministry of Health and coordination at the local level, undertaken and continue to be undertaken are:

- Establishment of AME Operational Center;

- Activation of the Emergency Support Function FME) # 5, Emergency Management;

- Staffing of Regional Operational Centers 112;

- Raising the Readiness for 787 members of the Professional Firefighting and Rescue Units (hereinafter MPU) and Prevention Officers in all Municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo;

- Making capacity available to the Ministry of Health; AME vehicles, vehicles and tanks;

- Equipping MPUs with personal protective equipment;

- Reduction of staff according to the decision of the government and due to age and health condition.

AME is always close to the citizens in overcoming emergency situations and the current situation, therefore we once again appeal without exception to citizens and respondents to adhere to instructions from the Ministry of Health for protective measures and increased vigilance in the face of the threat from COVID- 19.