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Swiss Institution PLANAT supports municipalities at risk from avalanche and landslides

Pristina, 4 June 2015.The close cooperation between the Swiss Institute Swiss Platform for Natural Disasters (PLANAT) and  Emergency Management Agency (EMA) remains well and this time PLANAT offered support for communest at risk of avalanches and landslides in Kosovo. During this week (1-4 June 2015), experts from PLANAT together with officials from the Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Kosovo Office have visited municipalities that have experienced avalanches and landslides, such as Peja, Prizren, Shtërpca, Kaçaniku, Hani i Elezit and Kamenica. Besides meeting with municipal directors for protection and rescue,  the delegation from PLANAT has visited also areas at risk in order to offer concrete help to build the local capacity for disaster risk reduction. At the end of the visit, on June 4 a meeting took place at the main UNDP premises where the Swiss experts, high officials from EMA, representatives from line Ministries, municipalities at risk, UNDP and the Swiss Cooperation Office analized the risk ofavalanches and land slides and made recommendations for assistance in the future. These recommendations focused on three main points: (1) taking prevention measures regarding landslides, rock falls and avalanches; (2)  identifying, assesing areas at risk  and analyzing risks; and (3)reforestation of areas at risk.